Pub Quiz and Bop!

The 26th of April saw the Tingewick’s first pub quiz of the year, and what an opening it was. Long before the quiz-masters took to the microphone there was competition for seating in Osler House, with teams from across the Medical School preparing to try their hand at intellectual dominance.

The ‘name the cartoon’ Picture Round gave the teams their first taste of things to come, as well as a healthy dose of nostalgia. Before long, one of our esteemed quiz-masters, none other than Head Writer Tom ‘The Quiz King’ King took to the microphone to begin the quizzing in earnest. The delivery was superb despite the light heckling from the back, and the questions were as subtle and erudite as any seasoned pub quiz team could have wished.

Now the quiz was in full swing and the competition was heating up, spies sent ostensibly to buy drinks from the bar took furtive glances at opponents’ answer sheets, and the proximity of competitors given the crowed room meant that any answer not suitably hushed was shared with adjacent five or six teams. The quiz rolled through such classics as Current Affairs and TV and Film, while the atmosphere in the room reached a fever-pitch of excitement only partially tamed by Roshan ‘Nishan Guha’ Sreekumar’s dulcet tones.

The final round could only ever be the immortal music round, cleverly linked by a running theme worth an extra point. Given the irresistible draw of £1 beer and £3 bop cocktails, few are certain as to what transpired at the climax of this monumental intellectual duel but, as promised, free drink tokens were dispensed to the victorious, and the night transitioned seamlessly into a unforgettable Tingewick Bop.