Every year, each newly installed Tingewick Firm selects two charities to the beneficiaries for that year’s fundraising.

Our Charities for 2017 are the Against Malaria Foundation and the International Rescue Committee.

Against Malaria Foundation

The Against Malaria Foundation is widely recognised as the most effective charity in the world. It distributes long lasting insecticide treated bed nets in Sub-Saharan Africa to those most in need. Each net costs roughly £2 including all distribution costs and protects 2 people for 2 years. It is a charity backed by extensive evidence and has been the top rated charity by independent charity evaluator Give Well for the past 5 years. They have so far distributed 35m nets and their impact is not just limited to preventing malaria. Each pound donated provides an estimated £12 of growth for that country’s GDP because of increased productivity, fewer deaths and less money spent on expensive malaria treatments.



International Rescue Committee

The world’s worst humanitarian crises, including war, persecution and natural disasters, have currently left over 60 million people displaced from their homes worldwide. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) offers both emergency aid and long-term assistance to refugees and those displaced by these events, supporting the health, safety, education, economic empowerment and rights of displaced people. From aiding Syrians in their homeland and as refugees in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece, to assisting vulnerable Nigerian communities in areas where Boko Haram are active and civilians affected by conflict in South Sudan, the charity has a global impact, working and rebuilding lives in over 40 countries.