St Patricks’ Day Bop

There once was an elephant called Rita
When throwing a bop you can’t beat her.
So when Paddy’s day’s here
Come join her for a beer
You know some good craic will feature.

After the rip-roaring success of the Finalists’ Bop, and with the medic social calendar being otherwise quiet, we thought we’d have another féasta. (that’s Gaelic for “party”). Join Rita and all your chums as we (sham)-rock and roll til’ the top of the mornin’ (by which we mean 2.30am). It’d be a real Sheam(us) to miss, and you’ll be green with envy if you can’t make it…

WHERE: Osler House
WHEN: Friday 16th March, 10pm – 2.30am

£3 entry, with proceeds as always going to our magnificent Tingewick 2018 charities, Médecins Sans Frontières and South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance.

Stay tuned for details of special St. Patrick’s day themed drinks…


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