Tingewick Pantomimes 1940 – 2018

1940 Dick Whittington and his Dog (or Who’d be a Patient?)

1941 Cinderella (or There’s Many a Slipper)

1942 Aladdin (or There’s the Rub)

1943 Red Riding Hood (or For Better or for Nurse)

1944 The Sleeping Beauty

1945 The Babes in the Ward (or Put More Colon)

1946 Malice in Slumberland (or A Christmas Fantasy)

1947 Robinson Crusoe (or Two in the Bush)

1948 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (or Too Many Crooks)

1949 Nightjar’s Wing (or The Probationer’s Peril)

1950 Jack and the Beanstalk (or The Houseman’s Hangover)

1951 Humpty Dumpty (or The Neurosurgeon’s Hangover)

1952 Cylinderella (or The Dermatologist’s Dilemma)

1953 Pus in Boots (or The Paediatrician’s Problem)

1954 Snow White (or CO2 and the Seven Warts)

1955 Enemesis (or The Nutcracker’s Nightmare)

1956 Handsome and Dettol (or Almonarchy)

1957 Kind Hearts and Coronaries (or Registrar’s Never Forget)

1958 Under Milk Drip (or Now We Are Sick)

1959 Look Back in Rigor (or Ice Cold in Alex)

1960 Lady Chatterley’s Liver

1961 OI TPWG I TAI (The Trogs) (or Oedipus in Boots)

1962 Little Red Riding Hood (or The Battered Bride)

1963 The Rivals (or They Stoop to Anything)

1964 The Reluctant Heffalump

1965 Allison Wonderland (or The Great Brain Robbery)

1966 The Sound of Bougies (or The Man from ANKLE)

1967 Slamelot (or Yukon Goitre Hell)

1968 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (or Gynae-a-Gogo)

1969 Pwolapse (or Woom at the Bottom)

1970 At Your Cervix (or Dilated to Meet You)

1971 Two Way Stretch (or All’s Well if you End Well)

1972 The Gobfather (or Great Expectorations)

1973 A Fistula Full of Dollars (or A Night in a Case Blanket)

1974 Alice Through the Speculum (or Up Yours)

1975 Cinderella Typhi (or Blonde with the Wind)

1976 Aladdin and Magic Lump (or The Bleeping Beauty)

1977 Wart Dysarthria (or The Lady of the SHAKES)

1978 I Claudication (or The Recline and Fall of the Emperor’s Daughter)

1979 Ian Phlegming’s Canteeno Royale (or At Her Majesty’s Self-Service)

1980 Who filled JR? (or Aladdin’s Magic Limp)

1981 Star Wards (or 2001: A Space Occupying Lesion)

1982 Apoplexy Now (or S*L*A*S*H)

1983 O’liver (or NMR Strikes Back)

1984 I Claudicate (or Down and Out in Plaster of Paris)

1985 Peter Pancreas (or The Houseman at Pooh Corner)

1986 Back Side Story (or Trivial Hirsuites)

1987 Throbbin’ Hood (or Back to the Suture)

1988 The Gizzard of Oz (or Thanks for the Mammary)

1989 The Jugular Book (or Tarzan of the Apex)

1990 A Christmas Carbuncle (or Great Expectorations)

1991 Alexia in Wonderland (or Singing in the Vein)

1992 Charlie and the Gene Locate Factory

1993 Warfarin’d in the Willows (or Toadhall Recall)

1994 The Houseofficer at Colonic Corner (or Rinne the Who?)

1995 Reservoir Dogs (or Jain and the Beanstalk)

1996 Syndromella (or Where A&E Girls Dare)

1997 Price of Thromboses (or Men in T.E.D.S)

1998 Indiana Jane and the Temple of Arteritis (or Radiographers of the Lost Clarke)

1999 Transplanting (or The Sound of Murmurs)

2000 The Symptoms (or Weatherall and I)

2001 SpRTACVs (or An Ancient Greek Travesty)

2002 Motion Impassable (or Carry on up the Colon)

2003 Derek Rotter and the Philosophical Stoma (or In Awe of the Ring)

2004 Around the Wards in 80 Days (or The Angina Monologbooks)

2005 The Loin, the Witch and the Wardround (or The SHO Must Go On)

2006 The Pirates of the Pericardium

2007 The Man with the Stolen Drugs (PFI Another Day)

2008 Back, Sack and Crack to the Future (or The Mighty FOOSH or An Orifice and a Gentleman or Geriatric Park: The Lost Ward)

2009 Bedpan’s Labyrinth (or Catch Plenty Poo: Where Medicolegals Dare)

2010 Scooby-Flu in: Murmur on the Emollient Express (or Cadavatar in 3D)

2011 The Prion King (or To BSE or not to BSE)

2012 Footless: The Order of the Pedis

2013 Tubercules (or The Phantom Limb of the Operating Theatre)

2014 Alimentary: Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Elephant in the Room

2015 IV for Vendetta (or Joan of JR)

2016 The Hernia Games (or Insides Out)

2017 The Dark Shite: A Dry Stool Musical

2018 Shrektococcus: Lord of the UTIs