The Firm

The Tingewick firm consists of 27 Clinical Medical Students installed in the January of their 4th Year (2nd Year Graduate Entry) and work through the year organizing Tingewick events, fundraising and ultimately arranging the pantomime that is the culmination of Tingewick’s work throughout the year in November.

Meet the Firm

Holly Hendron
After winning the TW17 Triple Threat award it’s no surprise that Holly has gone on to be this years director. Don’t be fooled by her smiley exterior and penchant for injuries, with years of coxing experience steering the great ship Tingewick will come as second nature.
Emma Roberts
Emma "The Bod" Roberts is a hunky gal who is utterly pumped to jump any hurdles that come her way during her role as producer. Organisation is her middle name (...alongside Margaret). This gal even uses doodle polls to schedule her love life... no wonder her bedroom is utter filth. Emma loves a power trip - she’s sure to wear the (red velvet) trousers in this production.
Katie Marshall
Katie was the very first member to join Tingewick 2018 and boy are we glad she threw herself in at the deep end at hustings! With her organisational prowess and unwavering smile (even in the face of mop shortages and post-bop emails) we are so very lucky to have her as our Tingewick treasurer. And just look at that face, how could anyone so adorable embezzle any funds?
Cate Moore
Assistant Producer
Cate could not be a more perfect assistant producer.. Her ability to organise and collaborate began well before becoming Trinity JCR Pres. Her ever optimistic and pragmatic approach, and not to mention smile, never fails to gee up us other medics. And if that isn't enough, check out her beautiful array of coats, which are both stylish and guaranteed to put a smile on your face
Jamie McVeigh
Assistant Director
When Jamie's not starting bar fights pretending to be Batman, he's found starting them as Tommy Shelby. This love of confrontation is sure to serve him well as he tries to direct this year’s Tingewick. When he's not struggling to decide which is up or downstage, Jamie spends time enjoying more leisurely pursuits such as golf, girls, goals and gfifa. Keep an eye out as he takes over choreo, introducing the masses to his candy dance. He’s sure to make this year’s panto ‘unforgettable’
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Charlie Kind
Head Writer
Charlie is truly one of a Kind, He's your all round handyman, With any tool that springs to mind, Nurturing many plants with his watering can, A better comedian you will not find, His witty script writing the jewel of the Kind clan!
Tom Christie
It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Tom may come across as a thoughtful, generous and kind man, but you only need to read one of his scenes to realise how dark this horse is. With the highest censoring rates of the writing team, it appears that Tom uses his role in Tingewick to let off steam, as much as to generate uncontrollable laughter at every opportunity. It’s a good job his attendance at Tingewick rehearsals is better than his degree. This man has priorities.
Alanna Wall
As the only female writer, Alanna makes sure her voice is heard (mostly just by talking over the top of everyone else). Her belligerence aside, she’s made a real effort at instigating team bonding, having pulled a quarter of firm on the Tingewick holiday to set an example. When she’s not writing, or attempting to seduce Nick Yapp, Jamie McVeigh, any boy on firm, any boy, anything with a pulse, Alanna enjoys day-raves, playing drinking games with her parents, and people s******g on her chest.
George Stannard
If you think a writer should have their finger on the pulse of popular movies and TV shows, George has his finger in … other places. Despite his main question during writers’ meetings being, ‘what’s that from?’, he provides his own unique voice, which sounds just like Gemma Collins. You can often find him in Plush, or covered in lube (he swam the Channel, you know), or both.
Ifan Jenkin
Head of Music
Ifan loves music; he is always putting together complex symphonies and tinkling away on the ivories. But more often Ifan can be seen frequenting Jude the Obscure to ‘get the juices flowing,’ a phrase that indulges both his creative inspiration but also his sexual awakening.
Jess Prince
The saxiest member of the TW2017 sex dance and playing 4 instruments to grade 8, Jess is well placed in team muso. But woodwind isn't the only thing she can blow, with her entire student loan spent on edgy eBay clothes and dildos on her mum's amazon account.
Will Halliwell
Music maestro and french horn extraordinaire Mr Halliwell has certainly proved his worth in TW2017. As the dark horse on firm, Will has revealed to us all his extremely entertaining acting capabilities... watch this space!
Eoghan McNelis
Eoghan McNelis is widely regarded as Oxford’s biggest mummy’s boy, and rumour has it that Maureen will be running affairs in the Male Vocals department this year. A veteran of the Oxford musical scene, Eoghan’s singing has been variously described as ‘angelic’, ‘astounding’ and ‘ever so slightly annoying at 3am’.
Lottie Mitchell
A true siren, Lottie has been enchanting audiences for years. This year she will entrust singing secrets to the cast of the Tingewick panto- turning croaking frogs to pitchful princes. Lottie also enjoys playing tennis and can be identified at Bops by the trail of glitter she leaves in her wake.
Lydia Benazaize
As the firms resident drama queen, Lydia has lived up to all expectations. Despite some heated debates to try to get tap dancing into Tingeaid, Lydia hasn't managed to get her way with everything... However, her firey moroccan side and her Kim K booty will certainly win many followers during Tingewick.
Izzie Tol
Isabel Tol may appear wholesome on first sight with her mumsy manner, @bels_bakes1996 insta, and her frequent trips to Frant, but come to one of her infamous warm ups and you will see the true Terror Tol. Acting more like her drunk Tol persona, she will whip these amateurs into shape for the sex dance.
Xav Peer
Some of you might know him from staring in Sweet Charity, but we just know him as sweet Xav. Always with a smile on his face and a better Boris Johnson impression than the man himself, the only thing Xav struggles with is organisation. Good job he's not in charge of tech.......
Robin Bendix-Hickman
Damn he’s really good at tech! At any funky party, man, it’s Robin at the deck. Doctor for the daily grind and DJ through the night, His gimpy walk and such smooth talk will set your world alight. Big up Big Rob, England’s number 1 fan! Most spurned member of the firm, but most loved in every other way x
Celine Brendler-Spaeth
Head of Design
Much like the organ she is better known by, Spleen Brendler-Spaeth is arguably the most elusive member of the tingewick body. With roots that span two countries, we can count on Céline to combine her German precision and Welsh charm to excel in her role as Head of Papier-Mâché.
Willow Fox
With her golden locks and sunshine smile, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Foxy Willow will have you weak at the knees. Try and stop your heart from racing as you attempt to keep up with her on Strava or with her religious attendance at PureGym. Her artistic talents and creative abilities make her a valuable member of the Design Team, but watch out, no work of art is vomit-safe after a night at the Bully.  
Aditi Aggarwal
This #swaggie Mancunian is bringing a dose of transcendental sass to the team. In the words of her baby, baby baby, ooh, Deets knows how to love yourself and the environment. What do you mean? When she’s not painting the town red, she can be found helping her female friends recycle their trash. She just likes it like that. The team better be ready for an induction to the virtues of Cracked Black Pepper by this spicy mama, hot tamale who has everyone asking: can we be friends?
Molly Nichols
Queen of DIY, it’s Molly’s savviness that makes her a real asset to the design team. Always one for a bargain, there’s nothing Molly can’t make from scratch - even if it means folding tissue paper for 4 hours. Her commitment to the aesthetic is only surpassed by her ahem bluntness whilst on the sesh. If her passion for savagery can translate across to passion for design, then Tingewick 2018 is set for a real winner.
Lauren Davis
When Lauren isn't snacking on mangetout, being Miss Devon 2k12, sailing around the world in 42 days, 16 hours, 40 mins, 34 seconds or working to conserve the three remaining species of elephant she can be contacted via email, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, MSN, Bebo and Club Penguin.
Natalie Fairhurst
Head of Production
Rob Smillie
Rob’s can-do attitude and team player mentality means he is never the last to take out the bins, clean up the dishes or ruin another housemate’s FIFA career by transferring their star player to Borussia Mochengladbach. With just these compelling attributes in mind, the fairy tale rise of this humble boy from just outside of Bristol, to captaincy of Oxford University men’s (2nd team) lax team, merely months after picking up the crosse for the 1st time, speaks volumes about OULC’s Men’s 2nd team standard and the lack of investment in lacrosse in UK schools. Rob’s active decision to become team minibus driver shows that this humble boy from around Bristol, doesn’t shy away from responsibility, he embraces it. After excelling at lacrosse throughout Michaelmas, Rob’s beady eyes have now turned to the next aspect of university life he would inadvertently conquer.
James Moran
Build, build, build... Now dear reader you may assume this is James beavering away at his duties on production, in feverish anticipation of the TW production and the glory of it's soon to be set. How wrong you are. Instead what you are privy to are the fervent mutterings of some singularly obsessed with being the last man standing on Fortnite. You see, James has many skills that will allow him to excel on the production team, his keen eye for detail, willingness to give things a go, and ability remember and articulate correctly which week of November TW is being held in, to name but a few. However, none are more finely tuned than the ability to deftly switch between his hammer and pump action shotgun, something mastered during playing time that is approaching 100 hours at a worryingly rapid rate. Perhaps though James' love for the game will come in handy. All those hours spent looking at the cheerful and encouraging tones and cartoon like structures on the screen, combined with his much vaunted 'top in the year at GCSE art' should combine to help produce a set like never seen before in a TW pantomime. Either way, our much loved northern lad will be a valuable asset to the team, and will be of great assistance for show week. TL;DR - he's northern
Nick Yapp
Nick's good looks, rocking body and little between the ears makes him the perfect silver fox to help with production. He is hoping to do the grads proud this year and show that some grads do in fact have fun.

How the firm works

The Tingewick Firm is both the group of 5th year students who run the pantomime and raise money throughout the year and an academic firm who are placed together for rotations. The firm is led by ‘the Big Three’ (the producer, the director and the treasurer), who are each helped by their respective assistants.

The rest of the firm consists of choreographers, musicians (“musos”), vocal coaches, a marketing team, a design team, a team of writers, a stage, and a tech team. The ratio and make up of each firm varies slightly year on year but there are a fixed 27 places on the firm.

The Big Three are chosen by the Tingewick Society (all those who have performed in the Tingewick pantomime) on the final night of the pantomime. Candidates wishing to stand for the Big Three are proposed by a proposer and seconder and then hust for each position in front of their year group, the Tingewick Firm and some Senior Members and are chosen by vote on the night.

The rest of the firm apply for the various positions and are chosen by the Big Three before the Christmas break. Many members of the firm have multiple skills beside their official roles and so it is worth putting any relevant skills on ones application (possible aside from specific roles such as choreographer). Members of the firm need not have had a large role in the pantomime but previous experience in events or dance etc is always a bonus.

At the beginning of the year in January, the new firm designs a new logo and picks new charities to support during the year. The firm then raises money throughout the year from bops, the May events and TingeAid (held in September) and then runs the pantomime in November/December.