The Firm

The Tingewick firm consists of 27 Clinical Medical Students installed in the January of their 4th Year (2nd Year Graduate Entry) that work throughout the year organising events to fundraise for their two chosen charities. The Tingewick pantomime in November is the culmination of their work before they hand over to the next firm.

Meet the Firm

Ryan Lea

Ryan graced the TW18 stage as an all-singing all-dancing Darth Vader (and Prof. Frink!), taking time out of his busy Oxford drama schedule to do yet more drama! Ryan loves a good bop and his numerous TW bop appearances prove that being a classic Teddy Hall lad and getting down to Beyoncé are not mutually exclusive. Rarely seen out of the spotlight, in his free time he dabbles in musical theatre making him the ideal candidate for TW director 2019. No doubt he’ll make this year’s panto the best yet!

Ellie Taylor

If the number of colours you can wear in one outfit is an indicator of producer quality, then everyone should be terrified of Ellie’s wavy rainbow garms. Indeed, when Ellie isn’t found having the bougiest of brunches, she’s busy bleeding glitter on the rugby pitch. Known for her unfaltering positivity, tight email response times and an undying love for Tingewick, this gal means business.

Sophie Roche

The glue holding the big 3 together, you can rely on Sophie to calm the theatrical-types down - provided it's before her 10pm bedtime. She may seem unassuming at first, but as hopeful couples lingering in toilets post-bop soon discover, hers is not a bad side you want to be on. Her role involves crucial negotiations over enormous sums, so you'll be pleased to hear she has a tried and tested strategy for any monetary crisis: you're always wrong, and Sophie's always right.

Robin Brown
Assistant Director

Robin is an enigma, a mystery, a puzzle. He cites Tingewick as one of the main reasons he decided to do graduate medicine (we’re sure that went down well at interviews…) and is as committed to Tingewick as he is to finding brooms to sweep up post-bop. Certainly, if anyone tries to make trouble, this assistant director will always have his trusty banana sword (no euphemism intended) ready to fight to the death for Rita’s honour.

Bronny Harbinson
Assistant Producer

Don’t be fooled by this cat lady – under that turtle neck lies something fearsome. And no, we’re not talking about those strange purple marks, but instead a carotid pink with her passion for all things Tingewick. Will The Bron’s time as AP go as smoothly as her TW18 portrayal of Cathy Swales, or instead evoke the backstage chaos of a certain soup vs. laptop incident? All we know is if she applies herself to the role like she does her social media presence, she’ll be a storming success.

Tom King
Head Writer

You’d never hear it from him, but Tom is head writer of Tingewick 2019! With a secretive spec script that banged with the focus groups and an otherwise empty social calendar, he was the obvious choice. Tom’s inescapable brand of humour is surpassed only by his encyclopaedic knowledge of quotes from noughties BBC comedies. Just wait for him write in an indispensable sax solo and then leak it in a drunken message to someone he’s only talked to twice in person.

Katie Birnie

Moving on from her dominance of student journalism and resisting the pull of culinary school and high finance, the enigma that is KB is making a bold transition to pantomime writing. Nobody has yet seen the real KB, her assorted abstract profile pictures a mere hint at what is to come- brace yourselves! Uniquely hilarious and generally mysterious she will add something special to this year’s script and we can’t wait! ha ha ha.

Alex Harbourne

Alex is a (not always so loveable) rogue with the (cricket) balls to try get anything from poops to condom-cannons into his scripts. If something doesn’t need to be said, he’ll say it. In fact, it’s been said that 60% of the time his writing will make you cringe every time. Perhaps this doesn’t make him sound like the best choice of writer, but last time he had a committee position he spent £60k on drinks, so at least he’s not in charge of the budget…

Nick Parkes

With a much firmer grasp on top-quality comedy than the appropriate number of shirt buttons undone, we're thrilled this razor-cheekboned writer gave up an Instagram modelling career for med school. Not just a pretty pout, we heard he slicks down his hair cos it's so full of plot secrets, apparently not all passed down from his boyfriend on last year's writing team. Never one to leave much up to the imagination, brace yourselves for the most risqué Tingewick to date.

Jonny Drake
Head of Music

A true jack of all trades, Jonny’s got the lot. Whether it’s playing the bass, bass playing or performing music using his bass guitar, he really can do it all. In the brief periods during which he isn’t holding a bass, he can be found cooking (badly), butchering common phrases and falling over. The TW18 sex dancer that never was, with a body like a Greek statue (pale with no discernible genitalia), it will be a treat so see this man tread the boards for TingeAid.

Heather Boagey

It wasn’t just the cute baby pictures that got Heather into Tingewick Firm 2019. Her virtuosic violin skills featured in last year’s Tingewick quickly establishing her as a vital band member. When she’s not playing in the band, she’s up on stage showing off her awesome tap and ballet skills. Tingewick Firm 2019 are lucky to have her.

Susie Black

Notoriously barred from entering the UAE due to crimes against music, Big Suze rounds out the musos with her post-Grade-8 flute flair – but her talent doesn’t stop there. On top of her role in the band and her uncanny Theresa May impression in TW18, she also smashed the sex dance, despite having broken her toe in the tech rehearsal the weekend before. We get it, you’re a triple threat – there’s no need to rub it in, Theresa.

Josh Frost

After months appropriating the Scottish accent and landing the lead role of Shrek in TW18, the revelation that Josh has talents other than looking moody in lectures came as a shock to us all. Despite his newfound fame and adoring fans, he is dedicated to upholding his three-year reputation as Frosty and aloof to deter endless requests to hear the singing voice described by reviewers as “delightful”, “angelic” and “suspiciously good for a man with such an enormous tongue”.

Charis Virgo

Charis was painted entirely in green for her Tingewick debut as the Wicked Witch of the West but this triple threat will leave you green with envy when you realise her vocal prowess. As an organ scholar, you can be sure that after she’s worked her magic in rehearsals the audience will be under her spell, with songs of praise all round: she’ll certainly win the (piano) keys to your hearts!

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew 'Dua Lipa' Macaulay, leader of the Gerald Movement, can dance alright - which is probably what you'd want in a choreographer. Watch the man breeze through Ballroom, Zumba and the Water Sprinkler with the assurance of a man who has mastered as many dance styles as he has hairstyles. I'd say you're in capable hands - but don't just trust me, trust the good producers at channel 4.

Ella Labbett

Rumour has it Ella ‘Lord of the Dance’ Labbett actually invented dancing. You’re welcome world. She will challenge you to a dance-off, and she will vanquish you. As tall as she is graceful, Ella can leap over buildings in a single bound, or at least climb up the roof (don’t try this at home). So brace yourself, adopt a twerking pose, and get ready, ‘cause Ella is coming for you. And there’s only a 20% chance she’ll get lost on the way.

Nader Raafat (Raafi)

This year Raafi’s running tech alongside his occasional marathon, and how lucky we are! Although the mainstay of his chat is complaining incessantly about the weather (has he mentioned he’s from Egypt?!), as a Christ Church Junior Dean who only learnt how to peel carrots at age 18 and has made it rain dogs in prison (by accident...), we couldn’t think of a more responsible adult to have behind the desk on show night!

Myles Woodman

Myles Woodman, man of many talents, from feisty feline impressions to master of the mix, we know he will bring great things to tech. Rumour has it he fixed 3 out of 4 of the Teletubbies antennae, and if the speakers ever do go down he has the voice (and the volume- ref: Med Student no.8 (Hello!-TW2018)) to keep the party going.

Jane Barnard
Head of Design

From her often terrifying levels of organisation to her genuine obsession with stash (did you know she plays squash??), Jane is sure to smash any artsy job thrown at her. There is no problem that cannot be solved by having tea with Jane. Even though you will rarely see her without some form of injury (she once dislocated her thumb by sitting on it), there is no doubt that the design team is in extremely capable hands.

Lois Graham

Need a full-scale, labelled drawing of the human body? You’ve come to the right place. Want your lecture notes covered in artistic doodles rather than useful medical facts? Look no further. Need a perfectly formed, hand-drawn Pikachu meme? Lois is your gal. With artistic skills like these, Lois’ entrance into the Design team was as inevitable and fitting as Rita saving the day in the Tingewick panto.

Sam Scott

Humble, artsy, a blues athlete. These are words you could use to describe Sam … but that would be lying. A recent switch from union to league was motivated by a belief that his perfectly quaffed hair is less likely to come under attack. Maybe that’s why he plays in the backs? When he’s not trudging up and down the pitch, he’s affirming his place as the only bloke in the design team. Don’t be fooled by that rugged exterior, this Teddy-Hall™ lad oozes creativity.

Sophia Pépés

Dr Sophia Pépés, PhD (pronounced ‘peeps’) was once described by my mother as ‘well put together’ and as such is a strong contender for classiest firm member. Her advanced age and background in classical art brings gravitas to her design work (you know who to blame for the still-life nudes in the background of scene 6) though it is important not to ask her opinion if she has missed her afternoon nap.

Rob Hyder-Wilson

With greater numbers on the bench press than in the bank, you better watch out the next time you come up with a ridiculous reason for missing rehearsals again… Rita has embraced the modern adage that strong is the new sexy - so much so that he just couldn’t hold off until the right moment in the sex dance to rip his trousers off. Having learned Spanish to a basic level (admittedly from La Bamba), Rib is sure to bring a certain Mr Worldwide vibe to Rita.

Kajal Radia
Head of Production

Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader. This Siren is going to run a tight ship for production, I mean have you ever seen anyone rock a glue gun this well?? Kajal even managed to keep smiling during the post-bop clean up; possibly deranged, definitely going to be the sunniest firm member. If you’re lucky she might even make you some of her amazing cookies, don’t finish them all though because in the words of Popular girl number 3 that would be ‘so lame’.

Zach Brubert

The darkest horse on the firm, Zach’s previous life as a physicist will ensure he sails in to save the day on production, Olympic-style, engineering the perfect Tingewick Finale bonanza. If his calculations are off he will be sure to make it up to the firm by whipping up something spectacular in the kitchen. That’s if he’s not too busy working on his latest documentary…

Roshan Sreekumar

Winner of the TW18 Triple Threat Award, Roshan is a force to be reckoned with. Such a force in fact, that we couldn’t find anything but wholesome stories for this bio... But as a man who can rock everything from full drag to sex-dance-nudity, this unfailing charm will be as important in keeping TW firm together in the year ahead as duct tape will be in keeping his attempts at set production standing (and hopefully safe…).

James Perring

Sneaking in at the end of the TW team sheet is Devon's poster boy James Perring, with his many talents including cooking with recipe packs, being accompanied on rollercoasters and being able to handle his shots, amongst others. Whilst he may not have any so-called "useful" skills for the world of production, he's promised he'll try really hard and bring snacks for everyone else, so we're sure he'll be a valid member of team cupboard.

How the firm works

The Tingewick Firm is both the group of 5th year students who run the pantomime and raise money throughout the year and an academic firm who are placed together for rotations. The firm is led by ‘the Big Three’ (the producer, the director and the treasurer), who are each helped by their respective assistants.

The rest of the firm consists of choreographers, musicians (“musos”), vocal coaches, a marketing team, a design team, a team of writers, a stage, and a tech team. The ratio and make up of each firm varies slightly year on year but there are a fixed 27 places on the firm.

The Big Three are chosen by the Tingewick Society (all those who have performed in the Tingewick pantomime) on the final night of the pantomime. Candidates wishing to stand for the Big Three are proposed by a proposer and seconder and then hust for each position in front of their year group, the Tingewick Firm and some Senior Members and are chosen by vote on the night.

The rest of the firm apply for the various positions and are chosen by the Big Three before the Christmas break. Many members of the firm have multiple skills beside their official roles and so it is worth putting any relevant skills on ones application (possible aside from specific roles such as choreographer). Members of the firm need not have had a large role in the pantomime but previous experience in events or dance etc is always a bonus.

At the beginning of the year in January, the new firm designs a new logo and picks new charities to support during the year. The firm then raises money throughout the year from bops, the May events and TingeAid (held in September) and then runs the pantomime in November/December.