Tingewick '24 Three Peaks challenge

Tingewick Raffle poster

Tingewick '24 Raffle

Tingewick Raffle poster

Tingewick '23

Tingewick 2023 poster

TingeAid '23

Tingeaid 2023 poster

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory: Every Dream starts with a DRE

We can’t wait for you to follow the story of Charlie and his fellow still-optimistic medical students. Get ready to get lost in a world of pure imagination, lethal CT scanners, and a septic tank pipeline, in this new hit musical set between an evil private clinic and the JR.

Shows: 8pm, 7th & 8th September, Tingewick Hall, JR BOP: 8pm, Saturday 9th September, Osler House, JR

All ticket purchases go to charity - supporting Oxford University Hospitals Trust and Yellow Submarine Charity!

Row to London

Row to London infographic